Openstad Components - automagical publishing

For every push to the development, release or master branch some automated steps are done by Travis: setup a version number and publish to npm.

The version number is created as folows:

  • take the version number from the package.json file
  • use tags: alpha for the development branch, beta for releaase, and latest for master.
  • ask npm what the most recently published version is for that tag and the current version
  • add one to the minor version and publish using the tag and new versionnumber

Eg. the current version number in package.json is 0.30.0. On a push to development travis starts.
It finds that the latest release tagged alpha is 0.30.0-alpha.1. It increase the last numer and publishes to 0.30.0-alpha.2
The components are now available and can be used for example through jsdelivr:

This means that you do not need to update the number in package.json for every commit.

Details can be found in .travis.yml and set-publish-version.js

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