Article is a basic rest object that allows for creating blogs or news pages. It's currently mostly used by the moderators, but could also be used by "normal" users. It's very similar to the Idea model, but arguments and votes are not implemented for articles.


GET /api/site/:SITE_ID/article/
list all articles

POST /api/site/:SITE_ID/article/
create an article

GET /api/site/:SITE_ID/article/:ARTICLE_ID
view one article

PUT /api/site/:SITE_ID/article/:ARTICLE_ID
update one article

DELETE /api/site/:SITE_ID/article/:ARTICLE_ID
delete one article

GET requests are public, POST only available for moderators and owners

Following GET parameters are available:

includePosterImage includeUser


ExtraData is similar to ideas:- read more

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