The Openstad software allows for different e-democracy websites to be created & managed. It supports: single & multiple voting on ideas, submitting ideas, participatory budgetting, arguments, voting and arguments, different authentication methods, managing multiple sites and more.

Westbegroot screenshot

Initially the software was developed in Amsterdam. It's currently actively used in Amsterdam & Den Haag. And soon also Haarlem, Utrecht & Alphen aan de Rein will go live with Participatory budget sites built with Openstad.

The ecosystem contains a CMS & sitebuilder that allows for pages to be build from scratch, an API and an admin panel that allows for multiple sites be created, copied and managed.

Check out the Technical Documentation for the different servers we are managing and how to install the servers.

For web editors: find out the CMS basics under Werken in het CMS - Algemeen (in Dutch), and read about creating and filling pages under Pagina's opbouwen (in Dutch).

Or check out the available CMS modules and it's features in the Modules overview

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